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Wonky Tonk

Vanilla, Tonka Bean & Chocolate Imperial Stout 11.5%

A three bean blend stout, dripping with deep chocolate, heady vanilla and toasted almondy tonka beans. Layered and luxuriant, this beer morphs as it warms, cascading through the strata of flavours.



Dunkel 5%

A classic dark lager brewed for sessions in the winter months and the turn into spring. Smooth and malty, this German style is characterised by the use of its Munich malts. Offering bready, biscuit-like flavours from the malty body, and a herbal spice overtone from the Polaris hops.


Skin Contact 2020 Riesling

Mixed ferm blonde ale re-fermented on freshly pressed Riesling skins 7.1%

A three barrel blend of blonde wild ale fermented by, and aged in oak with our wild London yeast for an average age of 14 months before being re-fermented on freshly pressed Riesling skins from our friends at Renegade Wine in East London. The aroma presents itself as a delightful blend of sweet apricot alongside some complex phenolics of the underlying wild ale. The flavour of the beer is dominated by ripe stone fruit. As the beer warms the sweetness rises and the apricot intensifies to a point that it reminds me of the dehydrated pieces of fruit you get in breakfast cereal. Like most of our beers, this one finishes very dry with a pleasant hint of wood from both the barrels it was aged in and stems it was fermented on. 750ml.



The Big Hazy 24 Pack

24 of our freshest hazy IPAs and pale ales

Stock up with a mixed case of 24 of our freshest, hazy IPAs and pale ales, all for an incredible price of £75 (RRP: £111)

This box includes:

2 x Atmospheric - Double IPA 8.5%

3 x Jungle Trip - New England Pale Ale 5.3%

4 x Bebop - Micro IPA 3%

4 x Into Focus - New England IPA Alc 6.5%

5 x High Notes - New England IPA 7%

6 x SE7 - New England IPA 6.3%

Enjoy that fully stocked fridge!




Little to Large IPA

Mixed case of IPAs from our micro 3% to our double IPA 8%

Go little or large, this case will have an IPA for every occasion.3 x Bebop - Micro IPA 3%

3 x SE27 - New England IPA 6.3%

3 x High Notes - New England IPA 7%

3 x Atmospheric - Double IPA 8%



The Full Spectrum

A brewery wide selection from hazy IPAs and pale ales to our much loved sour and tiramisu stout

Too many to choose from? Get a great selection from across the brewery which includes:

2 x Hazy Daze - Session IPA 4.6%
2 x Sour Solstice - Blood Orange & Cranberry Sour 4.8%
2 x Jungle Trip - New England Pale Ale 5.3%
2 x Bebop - Micro IPA 3%
2 x SE27 - New England IPA 6.3%
2 x Zia - Tiramisu Pastry Stout 9.2%




Double IPA 8.5%

Singularly dry hopped with Strata at a lofty ratio of 22g/L. Built on an oat and wheat bill, making for a neutral sweet foundation allowing this new breed of hop to shine. Expect dark, smooth and sweet over-ripe stone fruit - pulpy nectarine and peach, with a hint of orange bitterness.



New England IPA 6.3%

Brewed to celebrate the opening of our new bar in West Norwood, The Warehouse.
A beer that reflects the diversity of our neighbourhood; Moutere delivers spiced citrus and tropical notes, balanced by the danker characteristics of Idaho 7 and grapefruity bitterness of Comet.



Micro IPA 3%

Small beer, big flavour. Packed with classic West Coast hops that lay a bitter, thirst quenching foundations before imparting a herbal citrus bite. All while new favourite hop Galaxy pumps up the fruitiness. Light, aromatic, refreshing and endlessly sippable.


Jungle Trip

New England Pale Ale 5.3% 

Fresh pine and fleshy grape aromas intermingle, while grapefruit-citrus flavours explode as Summit and Comet hops rumble. All supported by a sweet, beaming yellow malt bill and fruity-fermenting yeast. A far out tropical flavour voyage of refreshment.



High Notes

New England IPA. Alc 7%
A NEIPA that doesn’t shy away from hitting those high notes. The strong pineapple and peach flavours of Bru-1 and Galaxy are. tempered by the smooth bitterness and citrus aromatics of Cashmere. Amplified by our signature malt base and house IPA yeast.



Into Focus

New England IPA Alc 6.5% Vol

Latest in our quest for NEIPA perfection. This brew draws a bead on balance with three distinct hop varieties harmonizing. Dry-hopped with Waimea, Simcoe, and Nelson Sauvin at a rate of 16g/l. Built over our at heavy base for a thick, hoppy, opaque yellow IPA.




Tiramisu Pastry Stout. Alc 9.2% Vol

A decadent stout modeled after the famed Italian dessert. Luscious mocha coffee aromas rise straight from the glass. Drinking - a velvety, creamy body is supported by rich roasted barley - backed by adjunct sweetness and roasted chocolate malts. A digestivo, dessert, and coffee in one.

Dietary: Contains Lactose



Hazey Daze

Session IPA 4.6%

Juicy, crushable, Session IPA.Fully flavoured hazy New England brew with big tropical notes, a citrus hum and lashings of pineap- ple on the nose. Hopped with Mosaic & Citra.Dietary: Vegan Friendly

Our flagship beer, and year-round favourite.



Sour Solstice

Sour Alc 4.8% Vol


Blood Orange & Cranberry Sour. This classic Berliner Weisse coincides with two solar phenomena and seasons.

Tart cranberry with aromas of blood orange, balanced by the addition of lactose for increased body, reflects the contrast of these two annual events. A refreshing, sharp, and moreish sour.

Dietary: Contains Lactose

A seasonal sour, tart and refreshing.



Barrel Project Mixed Case

Mixed case of 6 of our latest barrel aged blends


All available in our champagne-style 750ml sharing bottles


  • 2x Produce & Provenance: Blackberry and Blackcurrant
  • 2x Skin Contact Pinot Noir
  • 2x Produce and Provenance: Damson Plum

The perfect set to share on these wintry evenings or as a gift for a special beer-lover.

Price includes free shipping.



Skin Contact 2020: Pinot Noir

Spontaneously Fermented Ale Aged on Pinot Noir Skins 8.4%

A three barrel blend of spontaneous wild ale and pinot noir juice fermented in oak for 12 months before being aged on 2020 Pinot Noir skins from Renegade Wine.The aroma of this ale is similar to a natural wine with stemmy, woody, cigar box aromatics and a hint of wild yeast phenolics. The flavour delivers on the natural wine promised by the aromas. There is well balanced jamminess up front which fades into a rounded, tannin driven mouthfeel. The beer finishes super dry, with a crunchy whole bunch grapeiness and hint of spice.



Rose Tinted Glasses

Wild Ale Infused w/Hibiscus 6.3% 


A single barrel of 80% Dawn and 20% Dusk fermented with our native London yeast in French oak for 10 months before being gently infused with Hibiscus flowers prior to packaging. The aroma has a light Hibiscus tropical fruitiness with a bready malt sweetness underneath. The flavour is floral and delicate with hints of vanilla that is followed by a light clean acidity that reminds you that you are indeed drinking a wild ale and not a cold glass of ice tea.



P&P: Blackberry and blackcurrant

Whole Blackberries and Blackcurrants - Wild Ale Refermented 5.9%


A three barrel blend with an average age of 14 months in oak, refermented of freshly picked blackberries and blackcurrants for a further three months.

The aroma of this beer begins with a hint of green nettle from the blackcurrant before dissipating into a deep jammy sweetness. The flavour is dominated by the high fruit rate giving the perception of a Ribena inspired fruit wine with minimal remanence of the base beer being present. The acidity is clean but firm and finishes with a delightful residual sweetness from the blackberry.



P&P: Damson Plum

Wild Ale Refermented on Whole Damson Plums 6.6% 


A three barrel blend of blonde wild ale fermented by and aged on our wild London yeast for an average of 24 months in oak. Refermented on freshly picked damson plums from Green Acres Farm.

The aroma reminds of plum sauce with a hint of fresh, seedless, crimson grapes; as it warms the delicate phenolics from the plum skins open up. The flavour of this beer is dominated by the incredible damson plum fruit character from the very high fruit to beer ratio. It starts rich and almost reminiscent of quince paste before being met by a refreshing acidity, mellowing into fresh plum and finishing with a touch of tannin.




Organic cotton sweatshirts, available in 2 colours.

Made with organic cotton and recycled polyester - keep warm & styled, ethically.

Care instructions: wash similar colours together, do not iron on print, wash and iron inside out.




100% organic t-shirts, available in 4 colours.

Made with 100% organic cotton and garment dyed - wear LBF proudly in modern or vintage style.

Care instructions: wash similar colours together, do not iron on print, wash and iron inside out.



5 Panel Cap

Our five panel two tone caps, available in navy blue or black with suede peak.

Embroidered with our logo in white so you can rep LBF atop your noggin'.

One size.



Tote Bag

Our branded totes, made with ethically sourced cotton.

Perfect for toting that case of Hazey around town.


Tubo 1/3 Pint Glass

Just right for sampling at a bottle share, or tasting through large format beers. Printed two sides in either black or white and CE marked.

Dishwasher safe.



Mencia 2/3 Pint Glass

The perfect size for a can pour, available printed in black for those hazy boys and white for darker brews. Printed two sides with the LBF logo and CE marked.

Dishwasher safe.



Pint Glass

Our branded, toughened, conical pint glass.

Slightly stout with a heavy-in-hand feel, printed on two sides and CE marked. Perfect for a long pour of Hazey in the sun.

Dishwasher safe.