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To Øl Collab Mixed Fermentation Bier de Miel 5.5%

This is a collaboration beer that we brewed with our friends at To Øl in Denmark back in early 2020.

We brewed the spelt base wort at their brew pub ‘BRUS’ in Copenhagen and drove it out to the barrel aging facility where we pitched both of our house cultures as well as some raw honey from the local area to kick off fermentation. The beer aged in barrel for a little over a year before being blended and naturally carbonated in keg and bottle.

Similarly to our Barrel Project Bier De Miel, we chose to naturally carbonate the beer with raw honey instead of plain sugar in order to give it a little extra honey character. The honey used for bottle conditioning in this beer is very special and rare. It is called “Honeydew” or “Forest Honey”. Any given hive can sometimes contain one frame of this dark coloured honey. It is made when bees take nectar from the butts of aphids who in turn are boring into a tree and eating the sap. The aphids turn the tree sap into nectar, the bees then turn the nectar into honey. Amazingly, this honey contains less glucose and instead has maltose, which is the sugar contained in malt to make beer!

The beer is tasting really bright and zippy with lime, lemon and grapefruit vibes. There is a lovely rustic graininess from the spelt as well as a nice complex funk from the wild yeast and forest honey.

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Symbiotic Momentum
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