Skin Contact 2020: Pinot Noir


Spontaneously Fermented Ale Aged on Pinot Noir Skins 8.4%

A three barrel blend of spontaneous wild ale and pinot noir juice fermented in oak for 12 months before being aged on 2020 Pinot Noir skins from Renegade Wine.The aroma of this ale is similar to a natural wine with stemmy, woody, cigar box aromatics and a hint of wild yeast phenolics. The flavour delivers on the natural wine promised by the aromas. There is well balanced jamminess up front which fades into a rounded, tannin driven mouthfeel. The beer finishes super dry, with a crunchy whole bunch grapeiness and hint of spice.

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Bottle (750ml), Case (6)

Digital Creations by Nusom & Wilde

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Skin Contact 2020: Pinot Noir
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