Native Flora: Elderflower 2021


Mixed Fermentation Saison Infused w/ Local Elderflower

A 3 barrel blend of blonde wild ale with an average age of 18 months in oak, infused with local elderflower picked from Walthamstow Wetlands.  Elderflower was picked first thing in the morning to preserve the delicate aromatics and infused with the beer during transfer from blending tank to the bottling tank where it was packaged a few hours later. Elderflower dominates the aroma while the taste is more floral with wildflower honey, pineapple  and a small amount of oak character.  There is a perceived sweetness but this beer is very dry with a very gentle acidity.


Additional information

Bottle, Case (12)

Digital Creations by Nusom & Wilde

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Native Flora: Elderflower 2021