Our story

The London Beer Factory is a craft brewery founded in early 2014 by brothers Ed and Sim Cotton.


From day one we have been committed to producing beer with character; beer with unique flavours and engaging aromas; beer brimming with personality and distinctive qualities.


Distilling these principles into every single brew, we have developed a broad range of unfiltered, unpasteurised beer, incorporating a wide array of hops and malts from around the world.


Our Core Range includes five beers, all of which are available in keg, can and bottle format.


Our Pilot Range enables us to produce a new beer every month, available in a variety of formats, depending on the style of beer.


We hope you enjoy them all as much as we do and if you have any more questions about our beers or our brewery then please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.




Ed Cotton, Co-founder:

Ed is a co-founder of The London Beer Factory and heads up the mighty sales team. He cut his teeth selling fine wines throughout Australia before fully converting to craft beer in 2012.


Sim Cotton, Co-founder:

Sim is the other co-founder of The London Beer Factory and takes care of the production side of things. A fully qualified brewer in his own right, he oversees the production of over twenty-thousand litres of beer a week.


Nick, Head Brewer:

Nick has worked at The London Beer Factory for nearly two years and holds the much coveted position of Head Brewer. Not only does he produces core range beer with formidable consistency, but also brings highly original ideas to our ever expanding Pilot Range.


Richard, Brewer:

Rich hails from the wilds of Herefordshire and is a first class brewer. With an unfaltering commitment to good beer, Rich helps keep standards impossibly high.


Jackson, Brewer:

Jackson is a brewer fully committed to the job at hand. When he is not brewing brilliant beer at the factory, he is brewing brilliant beer at home. He also has magnificent hair.


Fred, Brewer:

Fred is a relatively newbie at The London Beer Factory but has quickly impressed us with his scientific knowledge of the brewing process. With a masters in bio chemistry he keeps are yeast cells healthy and happy and ensures the makeup of our beer is as it should be.


Adam, Head of Operations:

Adam is our one and only ops man and ensures all our fine beer is delivered to the right place at the right time. He also happens to be an amateur body builder, which is convenient given the amount of lifting he does.


George, Sales:

George is a charming, smooth talking sales guy who brings a refreshing human touch to the task of selling. Think Don Draper meets craft beer.


Neil, Sales:

Neil is fully committed to his job of selling beer. So much so, that he can often be found talking shop with bar managers into the early hours of the morning. He is an inspiration to us all.


Tommy, Head of Marketing:

Tom is head of marketing and events at The London Beer Factory and is often spotted driving the Craft Beer Cab to the next party somewhere up the road. Like most marketers, he is happiest when blue skying and drinking inordinate amounts of coffee.


Jamie, Drayman:

Jamie passed his driving test with an unprecedented two minors, making him officially the best driver at the brewery. With several hundred hours of scrape free deliveries under his belt, Jamie doesn’t appear to be giving up this prestigious title any time soon.


Will, Talisman:

Will has been working at The London Beer Factory from day one and is arguably the back bone of the company. With a quiet, steely determination he keeps the brewery on course and everyone in check.


Al, Brewer:

Al has ambitions to brew his own vodka at some point in the near future, which we are very excited about. In the meantime he is working with us learning the ins and outs of a commercial brewery. Secretly, we hope he never leaves.


Simone, Packaging Assistant:

Simone has the all-important job of making sure all our lovely beer gets from the tanks into the bottles into the boxes. Without her we wouldn’t sell a drop. 


Paula, Events Coordinator:

Whether it’s the Craft Beer Cab, a festival, an event, or the bar Paula can be found repping The London Beer Factory with serious style.


Jack, Bar Man:

Jack is arguably the best bar man in Gypsy Hill. Every Saturday afternoon he opens up the tap room and treats visitors to all our lovely fresh beer brewed on site. Whether it’s craft beer you’re after, or simply a chat, Jack will be here for you.